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The Department of Neurology. Chandigarh treat every one of the neurological infections including stroke, cerebral pain, epilepsy, unconsciousness, neuropathies, different sclerosis, myopathies, Parkinson’s sickness, Myasthenia Gravis and some more. Neurosurgery is a part of a medical procedure which is engaged with the mind, spine and nerves. Our Neurosurgeons treat neurological infections, for example, head injury, spinal injury, cerebrum tumors, spinal tumors, mind discharge, hydrocephalus, nerve wounds, tumors, circle prolapse or herniation, spinal separation, precarious spine, inherent abnormalities like atlanto-hub disengagement, spinal dysraphism and so forth Treatment of seizures or epilepsy just as current medicines for development issues like Parkinson’s illness are further specializations.


Safeguarding of all capacities, great corrective result, more limited emergency clinic stay and keeping away from agony and uneasiness are just about as significant as saving life. The incorporated group of neurologists,neurosurgeons, neuroanesthetists and intensivists alongside recovery experts are committed to this objective.

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